Mobile General

An app that easily allows you to manage Clinical Report Forms
(CRF’s) and Patients Records (PR’s) when you visit patients
on Smartphones and Tablets at the tip of your fingers.

Seamlessly manage your
GP practice.

Give limited control to your receptionists and call centres to
take patient calls. Prompts to doctors on visit to easily track
their patients. Save heaps of time in managing the paperwork
and let our app ease your consultation processes

Built-in features

Customised dashboards
Hierarchy based logins
Patient management
CRF management
Unlimited staff users
Role allotments

Staff history
Gmail enabled notifications
Doctors on duty
Location enabled services
AWS Cloud Storage

Practise doctor dashboard
Mobile and tablet optimised
Customised reports
Roaster management

Local server storage (if required).
Google apps login
Google calendar integration.
Gmail and Google drive integration
Xero integration

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Save heaps of your resources

Running GP practice and wasting heaps of your time and resources in data entry, paperwork and clunky file
management? Give us a ring, we will sort out your headaches and set up a wonderful that you will love