If you are not using a CRM, you’re loosing out on your target customers

Integrate CRM with your IT operations to get closer to your customers and understand their requirements more effectively. CRM allows automation of your sales, marketing, advertising, and support operations. Saying that this is all it does would be quite unfair.

Kolossus Digital helps you reap the maximum advantage of CRM by customizing it to your business objectives. We incorporate CRM in your business in a way, that every action you take lead to customer satisfaction. How do we achieve this? It is all in the process of understanding and using CRM. Increase prominence within your business operations, win new customers, retain existing and new customers, reduce overall operational costs and generate more revenue. All this is possible with CRM!

We customize CRM for your business based on assessing if your business is Retail related or Non-Retail related. Being a renowned ORO CRM and Sugar CRM partners, our clients benefit a wide range

ORO with Magento to retail businesses.

Insight to your Magento store performance
Manage all your Magento customer accounts from OroCRM
Obtain a comprehensive view of your Magento customers’ interactions
he best offer to the right customer at the right time
RFM (Identify your most valued customers)
Get the information you need to make informed decisions
Connect website interactions to guests and customers
Recover 10-30% of abandoned Magento carts
Use OroCRM data to send personalized and targeted email campaigns
OroCRM’s Zendesk Integration improves customer experience and increases loyalty


CRM for Sales & Marketing

We choose the platform based on the attributes of your customer and sales process. Some of the key features provided:

Sales & Marketing Performance Dashboard
Lead and Opportunity Management
Accounts and Contacts Management
Workflow Management
Productivity Tools
Robust and Flexible Reports Engine
360-degree View of your Customer
Customer Segmentation
Marketing Automation
Case Management
Customized 3rd party API integrations.

Red Ring Binder with Inscription Sales Plans on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Laptop, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.

Contact our CRM specialist and find out the best fit solution to be competitive in your industry