Australian Home Doctor Network (AHDN), a profound on-call home visit medical practice in South-East Queensland leverages the power of cloud by our strategic AWS architecture and web-based solution. A simple, lean and process driven web application built for home doctors, call centre team and internal administration integrated and built to run an end-to-end medical practice online.

Mobile/iPad friendly

Well tailored for home visit doctors to operate while they are on road.

Light & Fast

Frontend that makes the app feel very light, no load times and simple to use.

Scalable platform

Lean approach that helps to scale rapidly.

Early adoption of next generation technology.

We had a great privilege to work with AHDN that involved building tech for the next generation medical practice. AHDN has built a robust business model around a successful and powerful cloud-based ecosystem. Its mobile friendly platform has helped doctors serve 3 times more patients than a traditional business model.

Future tech

Advanced practices of technical viabilities

Cloud practice

Disrupting and leading the way from front.


Lean approach that helps to expand effectively.

Platforms, servers and data structures that are used to build has been picked with security, integrations and scalability as main drivers of choice.