Australian Home Doctor Network

Home doctor service is one of the most popular medical system that’s been created to offer Australians a medical service to the door. Just as easy as it sounds, the processes behind executing this medical service is very complicated. There are multiple parties that are involved in this practice such as Call centre staff, On-site doctors, Practice director and Administration. The amount of paperwork and compliance that goes around this practice is humongous. The biggest challenge is to provide an emergency service on time for the patients and simultaneously manage offsite and onsite staff is even more challenging.


Kolossus mapped their entire process using agile and came up with a cloud solution to build a patient record system that can enable call centre people to take calls from patients and create patients records on a web-based app. They then allocate patient records to available doctors who are on shift and can visit the patient in 45 mins using geo tracking technology to create mobility-based solution for doctors to accept and consult patients completely using iPads. This platform also gives a complete scalability for the practice manager to create new type of roles and enable restrictions to them as their practice grows.


The practice saw great results and grew their onsite doctor count by 6 times. This provided them an edge to visit more patients and grow their practice. Before this solution, AHDN could only visit 40 patients/month due to their high costs in administration and restricted their doctor count to only 6 per shift. AHDN now visit around 260 patients per month with an average head count of 13 doctors per shift.