Absorb’s relationship with Kolossus has been 3 years and counting with 3 successful deployments that have contributed towards a digital transformation of their existing off-the-shelf software licences. Absorb is an industry leader in education and training of environmental solutions for businesses and corporates with its HQ in Brisbane. Solutions that are build involves third party platforms such as Axcelerate, JIWA, Goldmine.

Integrated solution

Third party cloud & non-cloud integrations to support core platform.

Lean Design

Frontend that helps data to be visible and utilised effectively.

Multi-user roles

Product designed to suit different user types with User Authorisations.

Future with AES and their digital developments.

AES has chosen Kolossus to be a trusted provider to revamp and increase their technical capabilities. The solutions to Absorb has been delivered to enhance their processes and help build a complete cloud-based business for AES to operate a business that is completely remote, tech-driven and futuristic.

Future tech

Advanced practices of technical viabilities.

Custom solution

Built to scale the features to suit processes.


Lean approach that helps to scale rapidly.

Platforms, servers and data structures that are used to build has been picked with security, integrations and scalability as main drivers of choice.