A true example of a perfect startup idea that was born from the ongoing problems faced by Body corporate managers of commercial and residential properties of Australia. The amount of client data community co maintains is incredible for a startup of its size. InvoiceHQ, a solution that drove the need of maintaining and reporting all client invoices at once place to communicate and manage with the stakeholders and contractors.

Responsive solution

Responsive to all devices and browsers to suit all user types.

Lean design

Frontend that helps data to be shown and utilised effectively.

Multi-user MVP

MVP level product designed to suit different user level restrictions.

First mover advantage in the industry

The relationship between The Community Co. and Kolossus digital has rapidly grew as we currently support InvoiceHQ and offer continuous growth on their technology capabilities. More and more features and functionalities has been established since its inception.

Future tech

Advanced practices of technical viabilities.

Custom solution

Built to scale the features to suit processes.


Lean approach that helps to scale rapidly.

Platforms, servers and data structures that are used to build has been picked with security, integrations and scalability as main drivers of choice.