Helping organisations to improve their tech and digital capabilities

Building bespoke business apps to deliver and maintain robust platforms and solve key issues in the organisations.

If you are looking for strategic tech partner to work
closely with your in-house IT team, Kolossus digital is your
your perfect find to assist and coordinate with your
tech assets. Manufacturing, medical, training,
retail, legal and HR are some of the leading industries
we have actively engaged with.

Kolossus digital helps your company improve in all
the areas of your IT and strengthen your tech capabilities. We help organisations with
consulting, training, product strategy, app development and cloud services. We incorporate design thinking and put user experience as a core driver of our product approach.

Migrate to cloud.

Gone are the days of local servers. Developing and running your applications in the cloud enables your users to access your products in the market quickly. However, Is cloud a solution for every business? “Yes”, Using cloud infrastructure, your data is still with you but continually maintained and secured with professionals who are experts and at a much lower cost of maintenance.

With the power of AWS, one of the world’s leading cloud companies, we develop solutions to customise AWS cloud infrastructure to suit your specific business and product needs.

Benefits of using AWS cloud over your local host

Save heaps of cost and save time from the headache of operating your servers.


Transform your locally hosted app to a web based and give your clients a real edge.


Managed services at a very low monthly / annual cost with expert advice on-demand.


Be on the rapid pace of tech advancements and increase your accessibility.

Delivered leading industry solutions in:

Industrial, manufacturing & factory space


Retail, e-commerce, payments & fintech


Education, training &


Business efficiency in SME’s, Corporates

Virtual CTO Services

One of the major challenges medium to large companies face today is to hire a CTO who has an all-around exposure in disruptive technologies and staying ahead of future technologies.

The demand and the cost associated to hire a futuristic CTO is really high in the market. This is diminishing the opportunity for businesses to stay ahead and innovate at the current rapid pace of technology change.

This service is a specially tailored, well constructed and fully stacked model to serve medium to large companies. Kolossus digital helps companies to source and invest in reputable CTO service benefits that can serve multiple skills and add value to your business IT decisions.

Some of the services that include:

  1. Innovation coaching
  2. Build and maintain product roadmaps.
  3. Manage to be disruptive. – Manage data effectively.
  4. Building a scalable cloud business.
  5. Asset management
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Ongoing Due diligence