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Kolossus digital has continued to be a “preferred tech partner in Australian startup space”. Our lean product approach has yielded good results for the product owners and has allowed us to build more user-centric products over an organic feedback. Our scalable product approach help startups to address the main issues they are trying to solve and build the product around it. We work closely with the product owners at all stages of the product development and help iterate the product to get the best outcomes.


With the help of Hybrid engagement model, Product owners are able to mix and match resources without exhausting high budgets and execute effective support strategies with a complete scalability model. We understand the challenges startups go through around funding and we advise accordingly to keep the costs and product lean as possible.

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Partner programs to support your startup.
“Launchpad” for Early stage startups

Launchpad helps early stage startup founders with new ideas to pre-scope, scope and build fully functional Minimal Viable Product (MVP). It’s ideal for startups who wants to bootstrap and budget their MVP. Budgets start at $40,000.

“Skyrocket” to Scale and accelerate startups

We form strategic partnerships with startups to source, scale and further develop tech from their early trial tested versions. We only hand pick startups and are limited to 5-10 startups per year. Budgets start from minimum 200K per year.

Pre-tech bootcamps

‘“Pre-tech’ is a 1 day bootcamp for startup founders which gives them a full day workshop with an experienced tech team to take a tour of all the aspects of managing a tech department in startups. This is ideal for startups that doesn’t have an CTO.

Book Trainings and Consultations
specially tailored for Startups.
AWS Consultation

Book a consultation from a Certified AWS architect to plan your app deployment. This specifically tailored for CTO and development team to get advice on deployments and other questions that are related to AWS. In person in Brisbane region (Video conference for others regions).

Duration: 2 hours with an AWS Architect.

Who are invited: CTO and a Lead developer.

Take away at the end of the session:

・Clear understanding of do’s and don’ts of deployment.
・End-to-end process of deployment.
・Any specific queries answered.
・Possibilities to explore more of AWS.

Cost: $600 + GST

Build a roadmap

Book a consultation from experienced product managers. You will walk away with a full proof plan of your product by end of the session from a technical standpoint. This is a key step before you start building your product. Ideal for early stage startups.

Duration: 3-5 hours 1-1 bootcamp with 2 of our experts.

Who are invited: Startup founders and C level executives (Up to 3 people only)

Take away at the end of the session:

・Vision and a working model of the product.
・End-to-end steps of customer journey on the product.
・A complete set of Wireframes.
・Technical brief of the product.

Cost: $1800 + GST