Absorb Environmental

Absorb’s off-site data collection service has always been done in traditional ways, through pen and paper mainly because of their consultants going to remote areas and doing site inspections. The data that is collected then brought it back to office to be entered into GoldMine CRM and Jiwa accounting software to raise an order. Both their legacy applications are desktop applications that has limited their options to retain their data on local servers. This created a lot of double work, and lead to errors made by both sales and accounting team while entering the orders in both the systems. Need a system, that can work offline. Current market solutions are all online which requires active internet connection for the systems to work. Need a system, that syncs with Jiwa and Goldmine CRM to capture all customer details that are required to process the order.


There is lack of software options in the market that can fit both criteria, a bespoke product is required to solve the problem. A system that can take orders without any internet connection and still has complete client information available while site visits. A bespoke iPad app and a back end web interface were proposed to integrate with both the 3rd party legacy softwares.


– iPad app helps sync the latest client information 4 times a day, every 6 hours the information is updated in the main system.


– It syncs their orders with the main system on demand, which means the order can be generated on the spot.


The new system has improved a lot of internal inefficiencies. Avoids manual entry of orders and improves reportability. A notification is sent to company contacts informing them about the order placed. Including their approval signatures on the order.

Product is built to scale and plugin multiple third parties such as reporting tools (BI), HR systems, ERP etc.